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New for 2022 is the Cheese & Wine Talks & Tastings Theatre.

Here visitors can sample some amazing artisan cheese and wine from the UK and beyond.

Our cheese & wine experts will take your taste buds and minds on a culinary journey.


- 12:30pm -

Fri & Sat: Irish Cheese & Drinks Tasting 

with Heritage Cheese

- 1:45pm -

Fri & Sat: Irish Cheese & Drinks Tasting

with Heritage Cheese

- 3pm -

British Cheese and Wine Tasting

British Cheese and Wine Tasting with No. 2 Pound Street

- 11:15am -

British Cheese and Wine Tasting

British Cheese and Wine Tasting with No. 2 Pound Street

Sun & Mon: British charcuterie Tasting

with Bray Cured & a Special Wine Pairing with No2 Pound Street

Sun & Mon: British charcuterie Tasting

with Bray Cured & a Special Wine Pairing with No2 Pound Street


The experience is completely free of charge, however spaces are limited so it is advisable to reserve your space in advance.

Please note that Cheese & Wine Talks & Tastings sessions are only available for Adults aged 18 years and over.

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No2 Pound Street was established in 2010. It is a British cheese and wine shop with delicatessen. Based in the market town of Wendover, Buckinghamshire, in the heart of The Chilterns, No2 grew quickly to become Buckinghamshire’s premier Artisan ‘go to’ British Cheese Shop.

No2 only sources British Artisan and Farmhouse cheese. The team of cheesemongers regularly travel the length and breadth of the U.K. to find, taste and bring back the finest cheese the country has to offer. At No2 you will find cheese not sold anywhere else as it is from small producers. It is very much part of the ethos of No2 to support small producers that employ only the best ethical and environmental practices and to coin a phrase, if it is not sustainable it is not obtainable.

Wine is either bought directly or sourced from small producers all over the World. There is a fabulous range of English wines that are all very much hand made. The sparkling English selection easily rivals some of the best European sparklers. If you prefer a classical Bordeaux or a Portuguese organic white, you will also easily find these at No2. In the shop you will find a team of wine gurus on hand that will gently guide you to through the wines without being stuffy. 

No2 Pound Street are also training partners with The Academy of Cheese. The Academy Of Cheese (AoC) is an exceptional platform of learning that helps teach people about a food that predates recorded history. Another mission for the team of Mongers is to spread the word on curd. Too long have we suffered the blight of mass produced, manipulated and extruded factory made cheese. Artisan cheese is best as all the ingredients used are natural. Many factory made cheese are lack lustre in appearance and their only taste is born through the use of adjunct flavour enhancing cultures.

James the Head of Cheese at No2 writes a column for Speciality Food Magazine. He is an academician with The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts and member of the Specialist Cheesemakers Association.

Shop Awards: The British Cheese Awards Best New Cheese Shop. Cheesemonger Education Champion – Speciality Food Magazine.


“I  have 7 exceptional cheeses handpicked for this year’s Love Food events. Each have been considered for their unique style and taste in mind. The cheese selection includes cow, goat, buffalo and ewes milk. This is truly a great representation of British Artisan cheese and one I hope that will help convince you that buying British makes sense for great taste, our economy, sustainability and ethical reasoning.” James Grant Owner No2 Pound Street.

“Bix” (named after a Saxon village who’s name derived possibly from the “box-shrub” a local evergreen). 

Location: Nettlebed, Oxfordshire

Produced at: Nettlebed Creamery 

Cheesemaker: Rose Grimond 

Milk: Montbeliarde cow’s milk, pasteurised and organic

Notes: Rose left a career of acting to  set up “Orkney Rose” in 2007. Orkney Rose sold well sourced sustainable food, from local fishermen, butchers and cheesemakers. She personally sourced everything from the unspoilt Orkney Island, where Rose’ family lived. This is a truly luxurious cheese, similar to the great French cheese Chaource, from the Aube region. Bix is a soft lactic mould ripened cheese. The taste is mushroomy, salty and nutty, directly under the rind you will find the curd broken down and silky. The centre of the cheese is a little chalkier. No2 have been supporting and working closely with Nettlebed Creamery since its opening in 2015.  

“Pippin” Named after a lovely cow that was named after the varietal apple tree grown by Sam's Aunt Catrina.

Location: Based in Longbottom, Biddesdon near Andover, East Wilts. 

Produced At: Four Brother Cheese, Horseshoe Cottage 

Cheesemaker: Sam Guinness

Milk: Ayrshire cow milk, pasteurised and natural rennet

Notes: Pippin cheese is a soft make and washed in brandy. It is brothy and beautifully textural on the rind, under the rind is a delicious silky breakdown of curd offering a fruity and buttery richness. Sam started making cheese at Horseshoe Cottage in 2019. No2 is currently the only wholesaler of this incredible cheese. 

“Sinodun Hill” Named after Sinodun Hill, the ‘proper’ name for one the Wittenham Clumps,  that stand just above the Earth Trust farm where their goats graze.

Location: Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, South Oxfordshire

Produced at: North Farm

Cheesemakers: Rachel Yarrow & Fraser Norton 

Milk: Their own Anglo Nubian & British Toggenburg goats milk, plus some bought in goats milk

Notes: Fraser and Rachel decided to make cheese after reading an edition of Women & Home left in their villa whilst on holiday in Sicily. Fraser was a project manager and Rachel an English Teacher. Since their beginning we have supported and promoted their cheese. Sinodun is a delicious fresh creamy, citrussy, and slightly almondy cheese. The rind develops spicy and slightly meaty flavours as the cheese ripens.

“Pecorino Fresco”: the name Pecorino is derived from Pecora which means sheep in Italy, Fresco means fresh

Location: Otley, Yorkshire 

Produced at: Yorkshire Pecorino 

Cheesemaker: Mario Olianas 

Milk: Laucaune and Friesian pasteurised ewes milk

Notes: Mario Olianas arrived in the U.K. in 2001 and after several jobs, including a delivery driver he set up his own business selling Italian produce at markets. Today he has an award winning outlet producing exceptional Italian recipe cheeses which takes pride of place at the many Northern markets he attends. Pecorino Fresco is roughly one month of age when we buy it. It is fresh, sweet, slightly citrussy and yogurty. 

“Stichelton” The name comes from a form of the name Stilton Village in the 1086 Domesday Book. 

Location: Welbeck, Nottinghamshire 

Produced at: Collingthwaite Farm

Cheesemaker: Joe Schneider 

Milk: Friesian-Holstein cow milk, raw and natural rennet 

Notes: The last RAW milk Stilton became extinct in 1989. Joe Schneider does not make Stilton he makes Stichelton. In the early days Stilton would have been made on farms only using RAW milk. Stichelton embraces the terroir, you taste the weather, the grasses and the purest raw milk from Friesian-Holsteins, that are well looked after. The taste of this immense King of British Cheese is savoury and fudgy to the rind, with exceptional buttery and creamy notes in the luxurious interior finished with a spiders web of piquant blue veining. 

“Westcombe Cheddar” the name derives from Combe a common old English word for Valley – in this case with the adjective “West”. 

Location: Westcombe, Somerset 

Produced at: Lower Westcombe Farm

Cheesemaker: Tom Calver

Milk: Friesian-Holstein cow, raw and natural rennet 

Notes: The farm has been producing cheddar since the late 1800’s. In the 70’s a switch to industrial was made. A few years later the wise decision to go back to grass roots was made. Today Tom Calver heads up the cheesemaking. Tom embraces the very best in animal husbandry and the cows dine on a diet of heritage grasses and herbal lays. This cheese is savoury and fruity – it is a real gem of a Cheddar both delicious and passionately made. 

“Buffalicious Mozzarella” Jonathan and Jane Corpe (Son and Mother) created this catchy name. It was originally created as a dairy brand for all things dairy made on the farm. 

Location: Chilthorne Domer, Yeovil, Somerset 

Produced at: Higher Oakley Farm

Milk: Mediterranean Water Buffalo, raw with vegetarian rennet 

Notes: Mozzarella production first started for Jonathan by using his bath and a cool box to hold the buffalo milk whilst practising the art of mozzarella making. This is undoubtedly the finest Mozzarella that No2 has found and is definitely as good as those made in Campania, Italy. This is a bright and citrussy cheese with a sweet milky taste and creamy soul, the rind has a pleasing salt that seasons the heart beautifully. No2 has worked closely with Buffalicious. No2 has been instrumental in its national rollout and  promotion to wholesalers, which includes having it listed on top restaurant menus.  

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Heritage Cheese were founded in 2017 with the aim of bringing the best British and Irish artisanal cheeses to London’s iconic Borough Market. We work directly with each of our cheesemakers to understand the special history, seasonality and terroir of each cheese and we have built strong relationships with some of the best cheesemakers in the UK, such as Quicke’s, Cropwell Bishop and Cornish Gouda and Cashel and Corleggy in Ireland. Having these close relationships allow us to offer a unique experience to our customers bringing each cheese to life. 

With a solid focus on providing friendly and knowledgeable service as well as high quality produce we have been able to quickly establish a loyal customer base. Running popular stalls in some of London’s best local farmers markets such as Herne Hill, Crystal Palace and Horniman market in south London, Victoria Park in the east and Alexandra Palace in the north.

Putting this relationship at the heart of what we do led to us being voted Slow Food UK Cheesemonger of the year for 2019 and 2020. This also became crucial during the pandemic as we were able to successfully launch an online delivery service quickly, building on already existing customer confidence. It has also allowed us to explore additional business avenues such as street food and pop up restaurant evenings, as well as more traditional options such as tastings and pairings.

Heritage cheese will be running 2 tasting sessions per day focusing on Irish cheese and drinks.


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At Bray Cured we mix traditional artisan charcuterie production with new ways of doing things, to create our delicious range of charcuterie items. Every Bray Cured recipe begins in the tiny garden workshop, where we combine rare breed English meats with blends of quality spices and homegrown flavours. Once it’s been tested in the TGW, and refined into the best charcuterie we can create, the recipe goes into production.


Everything we create at Bray Cured is handcrafted. It’s a slow process, where the connection with the food is emphasised. Our relationship with every batch of artisan charcuterie we produce is special. From the selection of the meat, to the grinding, stuffing, curing and drying processes, we work really closely with each batch to make it as good as it can be.


Each batch is individual, requiring understanding and special attention to get the best out of a product which varies greatly, even depending on whether it’s raining outside, whether the weather is warmer or colder. And ultimately it’s about service, as if we were serving you the best charcuterie in our home. So much love goes into the product, and we want that product to give you a wonderful experience.