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- Pop Up Restaurant -

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4.5.6 May 2019 - May Day Bank Holiday

New for 2019 - The Broil King BBQ Pop Up Restaurant

£13 per person when booked in advance (£5 deposit required). £18.00 per person on the day. Choose from either Menu A, B or C.

Menus cooked fresh by the 2018 Street Food Champion and includes a table service restaurant area with both indoor and outdoor seating.


Includes house salads to your table

Choose One

From The Turf

Unadulterated Steak

Our own supreme quality Yorkshire beef, 30 day dry matured rump, ribeye, sirloin, T bone and fillet steaks, based on 180g (but we will carry a selection of cuts for individual choice from the counter subject to supplement and availability). All cooked and seasoned to your exact preference.

Triangled Leg of Marinated Lamb

A split and boned Yorkshire leg of lamb splayed with skewers in a triangle. Marinated over night in balsamic, mint and garlic. 180g served rested and sliced.

Speciality Keg Smoked Brisket or Pork Shoulder

Whole Yorkshire brisket or pork shoulder rubbed, then hickory or apple smoked low and slow for 18 hours from the Broil King Keg, rested and sliced to serve 200g.

Out Of The Alaskan Surf

Griddle Seared Fresh Alaska Pollock ‘Hot or Not’

A beautiful fillet flat griddle seared, a lemon juice spritz and served on a bed of wilted courgette for ‘not’ option. We add chilli flakes and fresh hoops for ‘hot’!

Finest Alaskan King Salmon from the ‘Board’

Butter glazed Alaskan King salmon fillet gently broiled on a cedar plank and seasoned to perfection!

Blackened Alaskan Halibut

Don’t worry it’s our special herb and spice coating that blackens. The beautifully firm Alaska halibut will be perfectly moist, just past translucent. Served on a bed on dressed leaves.

Extra’s To Accompany

Choose One

Perfect Pork Sausages

Handmade very finest large pork sausages perfectly seasoned “The best” always available throughout service. A “knockout” with English mustard. Pork crackling Beautifully seasoned west country pork scratchings serve hot with apple sauce or chilli oil

Blackened Sweetcorn

Sweet corn on cob with either Olive oil (vegan) or English sweetened butter glaze  

MrDs Cocktail of Pulses

Pinto ,Red Kidney, Borlotti, Black eyed, Cannellini, Adzuki, and Chickpeas in varying amounts in Mr Ds own sauce and Lightly smoked. Not the usual tinned stuff!!

Extras can be added to other menu orders for £3


Includes House salads to your table

Choose any Two


Rosemary Lamb Skewers

Marinated Cubed Lamb in White wine vinegar, cumin and oregano. Slid onto rosemary sprigs with red peppers and onion.

Rump on a stick

Fully matured Rump steak cubes marinated then skewered with cherry tomatoes,green peppers, mushrooms and onion


12 hr Marinated Chicken Thighs

Spicy or garlic Marinated and skewered broiled slowly for a full flavour.

Beautiful Butterfly chicken fillets

Naked with olive oil ,Garlic Buttered or homemade Piri Piri (24hrs) marinade.

Succulent Chicken Shish

Turkish yogurt and garlic marinated breast cubes, squared bell peppers and onion all skewered.


All cooked to order from the chiller displayed on ice subject to availability. Also Check the specials board for “The catch of the day” !

Teppanyaki Skewers

Teppanyaki and fresh ginger marinated king prawn and Alaskan Salmon skewers

Alaskan Scallops in blankets

Succulent Alaskan Weathervane Scallops wrapped in a blanket of streaky bacon to protect the scallops from direct heat, skewered with bell peppers basted with lemon oil and butter.


From a separate dedicated Vegetarian Broil King BBQ

Barbecued veggie skewers

Cypriot Halloumi, (replaced by par cooked butternut for vegan) red onion, mushroom, red, yellow and green peppers, courgette and cherry tomato brushed with olive oil to cook.

Charred Bell Peppers

Various coloured bell peppers bar charred and wilted and filled with barbecued veg of the day. We can add chipotle or fresh chilli”s on request.

MrDs Cocktail of Pulses

Pinto ,Red Kidney, Borlotti, Black eyed, Cannellini, Adzuki, and Chickpeas in varying amounts in Mr Ds own sauce and Lightly smoked a larger portion.Not the usual tinned stuff!!

Extra’s To Accompany - See Menu A - Three pounds each £3


Includes House salads to your table

Our Speciality “Black to Red”

An extremely thick cut (3 inches) Sirloin or rump of Yorkshire steak.  Seasoned with cracked black pepper, seared and blackened on the hottest part of the B-B-Q…

Rested then finely sliced across the grain by chef.  Served as its carrier fresh warm split ciabatta , Wrap, flat bread or just a bed of mixed leaves   

Always liberally seasoned with MrD’s own dijon mustard dressing ,

Along with fresh chiffonade of iceberg loaded with several slices of the  fine Black to Red steak, (200g)   Seasoned again with fresh ground black pepper then rock salt directly from the mills  

Finished with a zesty squeeze of  warm lemon juice along its length.This dish really does have the ‘wow’ ! Factor

Extra’s To Accompany - See Menu A - Three pounds each £3


Includes House salads to your table

Jacobs Ladder Short Beef Ribs from the Keg

Yorkshire’s Finest beef ribs expertly trimmed. 12 hr Marinated in Worcestershire sauce and virgin oil with a MrD’s Own fresh herb and spice dry rub recipe. A low and slow indirect bbq for 5hrs with a regular baste and spritz of apple juice to glaze. Beautifully tender and meaty with wonderful flavour combinations. A finger bowl and napkins… obviously!!

Extra’s To Accompany - See Menu A - Three pounds each £3

Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Dining reservations can be made in advance. Simply email us @ with your party size and preferred dining time or click the link below.

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